Congratulations to our 19 luckiest DSPs who won prizes in our DSP Week Raffle Day drawings on Thursday, September 14, 2023!

Beverly Farm Foundation DSP Kathleen Shelton Montez won a Chromebook laptop.8 DSPs won Chromebook laptop computers:

  • Aimee Partly (not shown)
  • Okechi Johnson (photo above – top right)
  • Jamie Walker (photo above – top left)
  • Zoveara Cotton (photo above – bottom center left)
  • Kathleen Shelton Montez (photo at right)
  • Stanford Mister (photo above – bottom left)
  • Kissa Warren (photo above – top center right)
  • Kendra Jennings (photo above – top center left)


4 DSPs won Walmart gift cards:

  • Victoria Asbury (photo above – bottom right)
  • Alberto Cabalero (not shown)
  • Tommie Lawrence (not shown)
  • Sharonda Holmes (photo above – bottom center right)


2 DSPs won gift cards:

  • Joshua Richardson (not shown)
  • Nicole Johnson (not shown)


Beverly Farm Foundation DSP Elizabeth Icke won a 55-inch TCL TV in our DSP Week Raffle Day drawings.2 DSPs won Comp Day certificates:

  • Jessica Smith (not shown)
  • Janelle Hudson (not shown)


1 DSP won a 55-inch TCL TV:

  • Elizabeth Icke (photo at right)


Beverly Farm Foundation  DSP Mella Baggett won hickey tickets in our DSP Week Raffle Day drawings.1 DSP won Hockey Tickets for a Blues vs. Blackhawks game:

  • Mella Baggett (photo at right)


1 DSP won our Lucky Lottery Gift Basket:

  • Neyla King (now shown)


Thank you again to all of our DSPs for all that you do!!!

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