Twelve Beverly Farm Foundation staff members received Years of Service Awards at the end of May.

Crystal Ridenbark received a Years of Service Award plaque for her 30-year work anniversary. Crystal Ridenbark is shown with her plaque in the photo above.

Beverly Farm Foundation Years of Service Award recipient honored for their 5-year and 1-year work anniversaries.

In addition, 11 other Beverly Farm staff members received Years of Service Awards at the end of May for their work anniversaries: Justice Allen, 5 years of service (top left); Marlisa Christy, 5 years of service (top right); Gioia “JoJo” Turner-Striegel, 5 years of service (bottom left); and Patrick Harang, 1 year of service (bottom right). Photos were not available for the following staff with May work anniversaries: Amil Allen, 1 year of service; Kelsey Bray, 1 year of service; Zoveara Cotton, 1 year of service; Jeanne Gvillo, 1 year of service; Taylor North, 1 year of service; Aliyah Rockett, 1 year of service; and Amanda Whitmore, 1 year of service.

Congratulations and thank you all for your hard work, dedication and many contributions to our successful pursuit of our mission providing loving, caring homes for the men and women with developmental disabilities who call Beverly Farm home!