Another QIDP week is behind us and it was a great week!  For Q week we celebrate and show our appreciation for those staff persons that are QIDP’s in the residential homes and DT setting, those individuals that have other job titles but are Q qualified and who share those Q responsibilities depending on their job title. As a result we have 39 staff that fall into the Q category.  The QIDP Week would not happen without the hard work and effort of the following persons (all Q qualified):  Rachel Lollis-Group Home Administrator, Tara Wagenblast-Residential Community Director, Kate Dreith-Unit Director for BCHS unit, Travis Hunt-Unit Director for DEHL unit, Krystal Gruenenfelder-DT Administrator, and Janet Buttry-Training Manager.  Individually we have our own ideas and strengths-collectively we make a good Team!  This is how the week went:

Monday was Jacket Day.  Red jackets were purchased for each Q and presented to them.  The jackets looked great on everyone and we had a nice time giving them away.

Beverly Farm DSP Week 2021 - Kate and Travis on Jacket Day

Kate and Travis – all smiles

Beverly Farm DSP Week 2021: Ashley, Matt, Travis and Deb on Jacket Day

Ashley Lucas, Matt Denis, Travis Hunt & Deb Grable – Looking Good!!

Beverly Farm QIDP Week 2021, Dustie, Tiffiny & Kate on Jacket Day

Dustie Shipley, Tiffiny Allen, Kate Dreith attempting to “smize” with their eyes

Beverly Farm QIDP Week 2021: Rachel and Sarah on Jacket Day

Rachel Lollis and Sarah Russwinkel

Beverly Farm QIDP Week: Jacket Day gift bags at Cross Cottage

All the bags filled with Red Jackets in Cross Cottage

Tuesday was Goodie Bag Give Away Day.  We were able to gather several items with the Beverly Farm logo and items that the residents had made.  Filled a Beverly Farm bag with these goodies and it was a success!  Thank you to Taylor Justice and Kevin Weible for helping us find these items and putting them to good use.  The Bf goodie bag included two Beverly Farm resident art coffee mugs filled with candy, face mask, pens, notebook, and key chain.  The bags were well received with the coffee mugs being the favorite item(s).

Beverly Farm QIDP Week: Tuesday Goodie Bag Day Goodies

Goodies for the Tuesday “Goodie Bag” Give Away

Wednesday we had lunch from the Godfrey Meat Market. The meal was BBQ chicken or pork steak, cheesy potatoes, green beans, Overnight salad (Thank you Tara for making this), hot rolls and cheesecake for dessert. The tables were set with name plates, a lottery ticket and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Good conversation was had at each table and it was nice to hear laughter as well. We snuck in a joint Q meeting and everyone left with their stomach’s full! We were able to have the luncheon at the Trein Vocational Center at DT so we could socially distance so thank you Krystal for letting us use the space. It worked out perfectly.

Thursday was Sweets for the Sweet day.  A lot of time and hard work by the Team was spent in getting ready for this day and making it happen.  We had the great idea of making cake pops for everyone.  We said to ourselves, “how hard can a cake pop be to make?  You take some cake, add icing, make a ball and dip in chocolate, right?”  One and a half days, two trips to the grocery store and 300 cake pops later we were done!!!  Tara made chocolate covered strawberries and Rachel made candy bar covers.  At the end of the day the sweets bag was filled with a box of 4 chocolate covered strawberries, one chocolate Hershey candy bar, 7 cake pops and a drink to wash it all down with.   I think this was the favorite day of the week for everyone but for the Team-we were exhausted-but it was so worth it!!

Beverly Farm QIDP Week - Rachel and Travis make cake pops

Rachel Lollis and Travis Hunt – Cake Pops Galore!

Beverly Farm QIDP Week 2021 - Krystal melting chocolate

Krystal Gruenenfelder – Candy Melt Guru

Beverly QIDP Week 2021 - Janet making cake pops

Janet Buttry – Getting her Cake Pop on!

Beverly Farm QIDP Week 2021 - Sweets for the Sweet Goodie Bag

Thursday’s “Sweets for the Sweet” Goodie Bag

And we finally reach Friday!  Today was raffle day and we were able to give away some really great prizes.  Here is the list of winners:

  • Clock made by Beverly Residents:  Ariel Knotts, Human Rights Coordinator
  • Clock made by Beverly Residents:  Erica Southard, QIDP Herring
  • Clock made by Beverly Residents:  Melissa Hilmes, QIDP DT
  • Clock made by Beverly Residents:  Sarah Meyer, QIDP DT
  • Echo Dot:  Matt Denis, QIDP Logan
  • Echo Dot:  Gwen Rodriguez, Behavior Specialist BCHS unit
  • $20 Walmart Gift Card:  Crystal Dilks, QIDP Donnelley
  • $20 Walmart Gift Card:  Tiffany Allen, QIDP Chappee
  • $20 Walmart Gift Card:  Tara Wagenblast, Residential Community Director
  • $20 Chick-n-Pig Gift Card:  Julia Waller, Staff Trainer
  • Hotel Gift Card:  Travis Hunt, Unit Director DEHL
  • $200 VISA gift card:  Ryan Coughlin, DT Employment Specialist
  • Lottery Basket:  Jami Goodman, QIDP Group Home 1
  • Lottery Basket:  Ashley Lucas, QIDP Evans
  • 50” TV:  Sophie Cannon, QIDP Herring
  • 50” TV:  Lydia Owens, QIDP CILA program
  • 8 Hours Paid Time Off:  Demetria Goodrich, QIDP Hillier
Beverly Farm QIDP Week 2021: Crystal, Travis & Matt on Raffle Day

Crystal Dilks, Travis Hunt and Matt Denis. Matt won an Echo Dot and Crystal won a $20 Walmart gift card.

Beverly Farm QIDP Week 2021: Travis and Demetria on Raffle Day

Travis and Demetria Goodrich. Demetria won 8 hours of paid time off. Travis won a Hotel gift card.

Beverly Farm QIDP Week 2021: Lydia and Tara on Raffle Day.

Lydia Owens and Tara Wagenblast. Lydia won a 50-inch flat screen TV. Tara won a $20 Walmart gift card.

Sandy Ferris, Interim Executive Director, summed up the week with this proclamation:


WHEREAS you choose a career that provides you the opportunity to have great influence in the lives of a very special population.
WHEREAS you are an integral part of the Beverly Farm Foundation support team
WHEREAS you give of your time and love in times of joy and grief
WHEREAS you endure annual survey, unknown worksheets, assessments, behavior plans, ISPs and family requests
WHEREAS you are the glue that holds it all together on good days and bad
WHEREAS you have endured and survived the most unusual and stressful year of your professional and personal life with strength, grace and leadershipNOW,

THEREFORE, I declare the end of QIDP week 2021, with great respect and thanks and hopes that you feel appreciated every week of the year.

To all of our QIDP’s we thank you, we appreciate you and we love you as part of the Beverly Farm Team!