We are all stars at Beverly Farm, but this weekend the stars of the TLC & Co. production company put on a play that made them shine brilliantly. Each year, team members volunteer their time for months in the summer and early fall to put on a new and exciting production for our families and friends. This year, ‘Under the Sea’ did not disappoint, with an exquisite set, a beautifully themed music score, loud belly laughs, and most importantly – inclusion for all.

The Director of the production, Carolyn Mayhall, has spearheaded the variety shows for 24 years. Her core team of Krista, Dawn, Amanda, Stan, Sandy, Cathy, & Chris, put in countless hours of practice with residents to make this packed house show a hit every time. This year the team had a record-breaking 74 residents participate in the show, which is up from the 24 individuals who participated 24 years ago. The goal is that anyone who wants to put in the work to practice can be a part – and they include everyone with open arms.

If you would like more information on this production or on how you can be involved, please contact Cody Hinkle at chinkle@beverlyfarm.org