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Beverly Farm's Equestrian Program

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Beverly Farm’s Equestrian Therapy

Beverly Farm’s Equestrian Program offers a special learning environment for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Supervised activities are led by qualified PATH Intl. Instructors/Instructors in Training.

Each rider meets with a program director prior to riding to assess their abilities and help them establish personal goals. Programs include special exercises, activities and games designed to improve balance and posture. The individuals who participate build confidence, increase socialization, and improve their range of motion and fine motor skills.

Therapeutic group exercises build confidence and self-esteem.

All programs are designed and directed by a PATH Intl. Instructor and Instructors in Training. 

For information on programs offered at Beverly Farm’s Equestrian Center, boarding, horseback riding lessons, sponsorship opportunities and more please contact: 

Amanda Bray

Equestrian Center Director


(618) 466 – 0367, ext. 787


Meet the Horses


Ben is a 10 year old QH Gelding that was recently donated by Michelle Booker. Ben was formerly a pony horse at Fairmount Racetrack. His pleasant and easygoing temperament has made his transition into a therapy horse an easy one. 


Twinkie, an OTTB also given to us by Michelle Booker, is starting his second career with our program.


Charm is a 14 year old TB Gelding that was given to our program by Michaela Kennedy. Charm is a lovely mover and jumper that fits well into our English program. 


Copper is a POA on loan to us by Mary Butcher. She is cute and sweet, and has just enough "pony" in her personality to challenge her young riders.


Duncan is a 17 year old QH Gelding, who was formerly a pony club mount. With his owner off to college, Duncan came to us as a welcoming addition to the expanding English program. 


Goose, a recent donation, is just beginning his path to becoming a part of our program. This flash grey and white paint horse wins everyone over with his "in your pocket" personality. 


Dusty, a trail horse by nature, is a therapy horse favorite of many clients. His rhythmical amble is very relaxing and soothing to his riders. There's no need to be in a hurry when you're riding Dusty, he only has just one perfect speed: WALK!


Junior, on-loan from Chuck Kamp, has been the go-to horse for most beginner riders. His easy and mild way of going makes him perfect to help instill confidence in those just learning to ride. 


Louie has become a lovely addition to our program since starting. His super smooth Cadillac gait allows riders to learn the feel without the bounce that other horses have. 


Magnum, donated as a 6 year old, has matured nicely into a great W-T and cross rails horse for our English riders. Most take him to their first horse show, where his cute smile and good movement always win a prize. 


Ocala is our most recent donation, and came from all the way across the country by Jacqui Carrington. Ocala is an 11 year old QH, and despite only being here a short time, she is quickly learning the ins and outs of life here at Beverly Farm. 


PePe, a veteran of our program and Special Olympic team, is on loan to us from Ted and Lisa Jones.

Red Rock

Red Rock is the founding member of the Beverly Farm equine herd. He has been at our Equestrian Center longer than any other horse or employee. He is the "rock" that our program was built on. 


Scout, a new addition just this Spring, has already shown his natural abilities in both English and Western events. 


Tex, also a veteran of our Special Olympic team, is on loan to us from Debbie Weinman. 


Tony, a double-registered APHA and AQHA, is on loan to us from Kim Skinner. Tony has done a little bit of everything from dressage, to jumping, to western pleasure. 


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